Prepped for Surgery

When the squad fell for the oldest trick in the book (answering a distress call only to be beset upon by a gang of thieving scoundrels), Jak came away from the encounter pretty worse for wear. Most notable was the loss of her prosthetic arm... which she has now opted to go completely without (and suffer a persistent negative to her condition) until she can get a proper, biological replacement. Dr Lokhin's research is still in progress, and while the arm is still quite a way away, he has managed to 'grow' Jak a new eye. We have yet to test whether it can actually keep up with her body's shapeshifting, but Jak was pretty damn eager to have the surgery to replace her cybernetic eye as soon as possible. She did not like having robot bits.


Besides just being damn good art, you tell a story with the words and the picture. You include so many little things in the details.


hey we got some pretty sweet loot from that ship though

also A+++ you know all my thoughts about this already


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