BT-7 'Beat'

Requested by I. J. Thompson, 'Beat' is rhythm droid belonging to Fiola Shaku. With a database of rhythms, twin speakers, and a scomp link all housed inside, this little droid can function as a practice aid or as accompaniment in a large stadium venue. A concealed storage space can carry some additional performance equipment, and the chrome finish gives the little droid a flash of style as well.

I. J. Thompson

Hey, I know that guy! :D

Awesome work, man! I love how dynamic you've made the composition, and how you've designed that the speakers fold into/out of the main body. I didn't envision that initially, but it makes him much more dynamic than a plain old globe... essentially, like the difference between an X-wing and a Z-95! :)

I. J. Thompson

Also, I'd like to say 'dynamic' one more time, so, if you'll indulge me:

Dynamic. :D

Lord Cygnus

How cool is that? The chrome finish and the composition of your droid is extremely dynamic indeed, I love it.


Very slick piece (dare I say, dynamic?!), but I also want to give some props to the concept as well, ahaha. What a cool little droid... I would love to have one of these.

Evan Black

No, it's Photoshop. I used a roughed out 3D model just to block out the shapes, but completely went over it in Photoshop.

Evan Black

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