*Standing within the temple, I have donned the armor I once wore during the Clone Wars.
Readying myself,,, body, mind, and spirit, centered on the Force....
Preparing,,,, for the conflicts that will soon arise.*
"Armored" Self-Portrait.

Modified X5 Malgon Armor:
Spider silk body glove.
Liner shirt with a micro energy field projector
Armorweave over-suit
Servo harness with heavy durasteal plates
Phrik forearm plates, shoulders and leggings
Heavy durasteal magna boots with augmented jump servos
Chormium finish
Grappling cable launcher
Energy Shield emitter
Full environmental system
3 hours of air supply

Helmet: (not shown)
Photo responsive visor
Multi spectral optic system
Internal comlik system
H.U.D. package
30 target tracking system
Motion sensors


Thank you I really appreciate it. ;)
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."