It is your, Destiny

I used the Face from Angry Man by the above. Kept adding and adding, then did a Picture of my Bosses son..Lucus Hammer (lol). Combined the two one bored eve. Both of the faces are from photos. Still did a lot of work on this and am proud of it


Awesome! It's like a Hallmark card swiped from Palpatine's mailbox!


Lord Crumb

Excellent job. The contrast between the boy and the adult is awesome.

Kia kaha
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I find this piece to be kind of hilarious and horrifying all at once... but seriously Casca, I know it's been said hundreds of times (only 'cause it's true); your attention to detail is AMAZING. I LOVE watching your process!!!


Well done! Very interesting design and detail on the Sith.

All Sith lords have some origin of some sort, an age of innocence before the fall...

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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Love it.... Honestly, I do.
It seems to be almost a perfect representation of the character. Cant wait to show my member/friends the new visual!



Awesomely creepy. :)
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