I'm a spammer, but I would like art advice

Normally I would be spamming, but this forum is for art assistance, so that's what I will talk about. Not prada shoes or test prep services.

I was wondering what kind of media everyone prefers! Not just Guildies, either, but the community at large! What do you use, what do you like? Do you enjoy charcoals, soft pencil sketches, bold inks, watercolors, all-digital mayhem??

Of course, I am but a lowly spambot and thus have no opinions or talents. That's why I want to know what YOU think!


What a great idea, zoulang! I used to really like realistic pencil drawings, until Reverend Strone and Baron Bob got me experimenting with ink. Hish was a great influence too! I loved his high contrast ink drawings!
These days I've gone all or mostly digital, with clean black lines and digital colors.

But I do love all the different styles here! And in my non-Star Wars life, I love art nouveau and watercolors! And cartoons! Let's not discount that as an art form!



Just as a friendly warning Zoulang, all spambots will be torched and flamed, and blocked from accessing the site. So please don't do it.

Other than that... My favorite media has got to be ink and paper... Not sure why, but a clear black ink on paper is just awesome.

Pencil is nice as well, but ink just makes it stand out.


Grats and good luck on turning over a new leaf Zou! If ever a reformed spambot is to be found, it's on SWAG :P

I like to use pencil; I'm more of a casual sketcher. I MIGHT be able to hold a candle to some of the more casual pieces here, on a VERY good day. I keep finding myself going to GIMP for more punishment, but always end up back in the arms of good ol' graphite. I like pencil and charcoal for the even distribution; pen is far too precise for my horseshoes and hand grenades style. I never have been able to manage color, and remain very envious of those who can.

What do you use Zou?

May I call you Zou?

I'm gonna name my next NPC Zou.


Is that NPC going to be a robot that discovers it has feelings, UG? Teehee.

I don't know that I could pick a favourite medium, as a viewer OR a creator! I must admit I do love staring at particularly well done watercolours, but that's far from the be-all-and-end-all. I also love staring at nicely executed street art.

To create, I'll use ANYTHING, even though these days (where my driving force is a mixture of impatience, overcommitment, and a desire to avoid making my house even MORE cluttered) I lean towards those media that are quick, and easy to set up/pack up- ie, pencil in a sketchbook, or digital. I think that's more a lifestyle choice than an artistic one, though.

I dream of the day that I have a well lit, spacious studio that can have a dozen desks and easels with half finished projects all over them.


Ooh, yeah, I too love well-executed street art. I think it's a requirement, as a Californian!

I always wished I could master more types of traditional media, like watercolors or, especially, markers. But I've just never had the time or money to invest! There was a time when Drig and I were experimenting with that stuff, but we could only ever afford about three prisma color markers...



Flip! What the zip! Xan is truly the man. Too bad it sold before I got there, but now I know! I wonder what Drig would do with a full set...?



.... someone remind me that ebay exists in about a month, when I'm well clear of ultra-penny-pinching mode!! Haha.


I used to work in Markers and fancy pens. Did some stuff when trying to get a job with Image comics back in 93. Sent them some pencilings, got back some to ink, sent those in and did some coloring try outs. They wanted me to move to Anaheim. Thing is, I don't do warm, sunny, earth moving, land fire, crowded, traffic, mud slidey well. Plus ( at the time ) 42,000 a year in Anaheim was like making 19,000 around here. I already did that, plus had friends. Any-who, they didn't realize I did the inkings with a bic pen. Come to think about it, I worked with a G3 graphics dept. when in the Army doing the FM for the M60 and did it in Bic too. I love my Bic pens.


I use TRIA grey-scale markers to render, then I colour over that in photoshop CS5 [well, technically, I colour UNDER my drawing].

I love Tria markers - they have three tips per marker! However, they don't make the ones I have anymore, so once I run out of ink for them I don't know what the hell I'm going to do...


Them's the new ones, Xan.

I bought my sets about 12-13 years ago, and I think they re-issued/ re-vamped them a few years ago. The inks no longer match to my old sets, and after trying one or two, frankly I thought they were of poorer quality. I have a bunch of refill ink-jars I am clinging to for now, but eventually I will have to figure something else out to maintain my current art style.