Imperial Captain

Todrin Doule is a character from I.J. Thompson's Star Wars Tapestry, but is generic enough to pass as any other young, upstart Imperial captain.

I've tried a different technique with the line quality of this piece, using Photoshop's path tools. It's not bad for a first attempt.

I. J. Thompson

I adore the simple lines! It reminds me of some of the early WEG stuff, but in colour!

And Tapestry isn't mine... it's ours! :)


are you kidding? It looks great!!

..same on the tools. I purchased Illustrator8 for my dieing Imac, but by then, I had gotten so proficient with PSLE, that it seemed like it took forever..


I have to say I'm sorry I did not comment on this piece earlier. Very, very nice. :)
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