Cover WIP for "Meevo"


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Here's the work-in-progress for the cover of "Meevo", a science fiction novella for Kindle written by David Leyman.

Yet to be finalized!



That little beast is creeping me out!!

But hell awesome. What'cha use? Markers? Watercolours? I feel like I can see a bit of both in action...


Thanks again, fellas.

It's almost 100% watercolours. The parts that are not it are digital work like the white reflection on the NBC helmet visor and digital compositing of the original artwork with the gun and a new background after the publisher asked for a change. I'll upload a second image, which is the full, untouched original artwork.


I like the chubby little guy best in the 2nd one...

But the Third one looks really good too :)


I like the chubby little guy too, but the publisher requested a leaner, less-pudgy bloodthirsty, killing machine. :-)