Jedi Prosthetic.

My version of a prosthetic arm for a wounded Jedi. ;)


When I saw this, my jaw dropped. This is amazing. And the best part is that it is completely possible to make in a real roleplaying game.


I was gonna get this one of those, but my insurance wouldn't cover it because it's "cosmetic". Whatever!

*nice work, btw*


I love this and, if I were a Jedi, I would totally want one. Even if I had two perfectly good arms already.

Although knowing me, I'd probably keep chopping off my own fingers with it.


The loss of the rotational ability of the wrist joint is going to impinge on a lot of fine movements, a fighter with this weapon is probably going to need to fight in a fencing style (side on to opponent with thrusting and cutting motions), too much of a swing is going to lay open the body a lot to counter strikes.

Great bit of artwork!


Thank you for the comps my friends. I really like this, I'm working on a few other designs. :)
Glad you all like it. ;)
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