Mandos at War

Falin Skirata leads Mereel Skirata, Vhe'kadla Galaar and Prudii Skirata. Based on the armour costumes of the Mandalorian Mercs'Costuming Club's personnel officer, his brother and his two children.


Awsome as expected...great detail work and love the way you captured the chaos of combat but the way combatants stay focused and ready. Really great job


Great job. ;) Love the detail work. Props my friend. ;)
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great pic, when i seen the dead clone the first thing i thought was "Never send a clone to do a MANdos job" lol


Aaaaand the final version certainly does not disappoint!! The folks you've depicted here aught to be incredibly pleased. I think the guy with the scarf is my favourite... such a neat little personal touch to add to the costume!


Sweet, dude! Tremendously well done. The final shadowing really pulled it all together - that dead clone trooper doesn't pop out too much anymore. And I love the epic level of detail to it all of course!


I added the black bars at top and bottom after noticing how cool the effect is on Cucumber boy's Crushed Walker pic. Makes it very cinematic.


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