Darth Vexx Final..really

No cool names were submited in the 'Name this Sith contest". Darth Vexx was the winner because a name was vexing me. Plus it was simple. Playing with light these days.


Started out as me starwarsy. It was going to be me floating, complete with an over abundance of lightning, into a room of "Sith's Ahoy" cookies. It was going to be called he with the most cookies wins. Seeing how the darkside has them and all...Neede to practice some lighting and decided to use this guy and voila.

He was a Young Padawan with average force sensitivity. Though he had a very distink view of right and wrong, and always followed orders, he also had anger issues. He was prone to outburst and normally was mortified at himself for the way he acted, but the outburst continued.

As it is easier to get darkside points than light, he began to fall. And soon after passing the trials and graduating to a full jedi he snapped and was cast out. He was found by a sith lord and started training. But soon after being Tatooed, Vexx abandoned the Sith as well for he knew that it was wrong to follow them.

Now he wanders the galaxy as a Fallen Jedi, Risen Sith. He tries to help those he encounters but is held to no rules on how to do it. He comforts the weak and helpless and crushes the overbearing and wicked.


Awesome job. Love the gauntlets. ;)
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Holy CRAP!

(And I mean that in the bestest way!)

This is fabulous. Please refer to my previous post about being KRIFFING AWESOME! lol.


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