Good Old Gramps

Gramps, an old Feeorin Bounty Hunter. Requested by Thespius.


*Jaw drop*

I'd forgotten about this request! Got on SWAG today and saw a Feeorin, then thought to myself, "That looks familiar..."

Awesome work as always, thank you.


I'm glad you like it, Thespius. I was afraid you would have forgotten about it, and never notice.



this has TONS of character. Dude you are so cool. You continue to get better and better and still maintain your speed. You, in my oppinion, Do the best "Star-Warsy" Character designs. By that I mean, anyone of them could be in the backgroung of any one of the films and fit write in. Where so many of us design outfits and such that are cool in their own right, your Maintain that coolness but are more in tune with the overall feel of the Star Wars universe ( movies at least).


Ditto on Casca's comment about him having lots of character- I love the face on this guy. It's perfect.


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