Speaking with Master Nourne

"Who knows what else stirred in the deeps at such a clarion call? This one represents the light that came to investigate... What darkness has slithered from its eternal slumber to stalk your steps? To lay at your feet and learn from your Abyssal depths?" [Was in two minds about uploading this NOW, as I'm trying so hard to keep chronological with scenes from our campaign... but, oh, well. It was just too cool and I'm so excited to find out what's going to happen next week and so here it is! Tusserk converses with the Tchuukthai Master Nourne, and things take a decided turn for the disturbing as he learns things about himself that he quite frankly would rather not have learned.)


Nice work in a pencil sketch.

I admire the consistency of Tusserk's features. It makes the character instantly recognizable throughout all of your peices. What species is he? I was going to guess Trandoshan (maybe you've posted it elsewhere in the past) but wasn't quite sure.


Thanks, man!!

Yeah, he's a Trandoshan. Heh, I know he kind of deviates from the 'norm' (ie Bossk)... it took me a looooot of sketches before I settled on his 'look', because I did want something that I could faithfully reproduce, and also very much wanted to create a sort of softer, unthreatening looking Trando. I just tell myself that surely there could be as much variations in Trandoshan physiology as there is amongst human beings..!


This is both decidedly creepy and also awe-inspiring!
Lovely work Tussy - pity it's been knocked off the frond page so quickly, I want everyone to see it!!


Thanks Mercy!!

Haha, it was quite a big old bunch of pictures that appeared together, wasn't it? Not that I'm complaining... I get so psyched to see all the new uploads! Hah. And I'm sure the dedicated folks will still click back to see it... I am pretty pleased with how this one came out! It was such a great moment in-game.


Yeah, it's always fun to see the new pictures come up!
And your gaming pictures are always a real pleasure!!


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