Sarg the Gamorrean

Sarg the Gamorrean mob enforcer, as requested by Penangallan of teh Holonets.


Who is Milroy Hish? ... gotta ask..

And one more thing.. didn't think it was possible to make a Gamorean look intelligent... I was right, but dang this was close :)


Your K is way to short... lol EDIT: I just figured your m was backwards, since it's so small .. LOL :)

But who is Kilroy?.. lol


Kilroy!! Haha!! Now I can't help but wander what SW species might be an appropriate 'Kilroy'...

Also, this character overall is awesome, and this depiction is awesome too. That... drool... oh man. Reminds me of a mastiff I used to know.


I'm... Speechles....

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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