Captain Jav Boran and S2-56G, Legacy Era Dynamic Duo No Background


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Just wanted to post this image for you JourneymanOfZion. It is san-background and is better for printing. Enjoy.



Wow, Jav looks marvelous! You've taken my simple Duros and actually made him look like a distinguished gentleman. And those boots...they'll definately be the hit at the all Duros fashion show this year. ;-) Excellent job, Drig!

S2 looks most excellent as well, though there's one thing that's a bit off. No worries about that, though, especially since he's colored.

An excellent, excellent work, my friend. I'm most glad you got it.


Well, Sorry you got to see it without the background first. It should be up relatively shortly with the pretty background and all. Pm me about the thing thats off and I'll see if I can fix it.:P

P.S. Believe it or not, I had no idea S2 was a girl... lol!


LOL....S2 being a girl is news to me too. That was a typo above, one that I quickly fixed. Thankfully he's not the naggy type so he won't be getting after me about it. ;-)