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New Request from Rozali;

After watching the blockbuster hit "Avatar' directed by James Cameron, it inspired me to form a new charcter that took the drive home from the movies to form his creation.

height-5' 11''
specie- acrobatic and flexible human
occupation- freelance mercenary for the native felucians
age- 26
eye color-deep silver
face type- one similar to sam witwer (galen marek)
hair color- shaved sweaty trim of black
other- tribal tatoo on forearm and very dirty and muddy

Story- Raised on the underground, trashed streets of coruscant by a immature mother and a drunk father Artrika was named after his fathers fathers favorite bar. Bullies had been a major struggle in his life, and so for his birthday one year his parents allowed him to get martial arts lessons payed from Artrika himself. this money was earned from wise gambling artrika learned. One night one bully was wiped out by drunkness and came onto Artrika with a knife and sliced off Artrikas lower lip which bared sharp teeth from chewing rats that scrabbed the streets for crumbs. Artrika stressed out so much and decided to leave coruscant on a space bus to leave his parents behind and get as far away as possible. the cheapest ride was to Felucia and Artrika dropped off. he managed to Make shelter from a few huge leves and a large mush room to sleep on. After months of adapting to the lush forests Artrika took a more formidable and muscalar look from the ripe fruit and fighting off large plants and climbing up tall vines. after a year had passed, Artrika made a friendly relationship with the surrounding creatures. One day he came across an old battlefeild and found a machete for slicing a way through the plants, a bow and lots of arrows, and a few knives. he also used light training gear used by starkiller(galen marek). He mostly uses the bow for exact targeting. he enjoyed show off his arm and chest muscles to look menacing. Artrika was quite agile and an excellent at climbing. He used his weapons at best posible precision and became a native spy and mercenary for the felucians. He special hiding spot was underneath the thick swampsand then leap out to attack the enemy.

Id like him in some epic pose climbing or something holding one of his weapons. The rest is up to you to your creative freedom.



PS - not sure what's going on with the pictures, by the way. Is anyone else getting them resizing to be bigger than the screen?!


Not me, Mercy; everything's working as normal on my end.

Sketch looks awesome as always, by the way!

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Yeah the sames happening to me, thats weird.
But, I LOVE This pic and I like the background, this is truely awesome
Cant wait to next post!

If ya need any help, just ask...


No wories - glad you like, Roz!

I keep getting this message;
"ImageMagick could not be found. The admin will need to set the path on the image toolkit page."
So maybe this is something that only Eclipse can fix!!


Okay, I've actually pretty much finished this picture, but the website won't let me upload it!!
I've tried reducing it in size - still won't do it.

I'll try again tomorrow...
(fingers crossed.)


iDk Weird stuff been going on lately, like just a couple days ago The server was not avaliable and the guild application has gone odd... so I hope Kris is the hero....

Im quite actually amazed how you did this & how quick

Did you take lessons or look at programs to help?
Just curious, 'cause I am terrible at photoshop,

Currently, Im doing a PhotoStory Project at school and that cool and easy.

Also, I have got Photoshop Elements 2 which is like the second that came out and its miserable.



Here we go! It's loaded now...

Thanks Roz - I've been playing with Photoshop for years. Never tried Elements or PhotoStory before though, they sound like fun!!


Oh, geez, Im blinded, I LOVE THIS!!!! The costume is spot on. This is a close 2nd fav pic from you (with Blood Aegis in 1st).

This is fantastic, such a fantastic experience from Swag since this is my 10th month here!


Your best pal,