Chiss guitarist

Another request fulfilled for Malice. Another member of the Sith-Metal group 'The Dark'.


Interestingly enough, according to wookieepedia, the symbol in this guy's shirt is an old Sith rune. So maybe ol' Deek has a bit of darkside history...


lol! I think I nabbed his symbol (partly) from a symbol I saw on Drig's jacket in real life... or something. I love how much things like this get recycled.



Oh...this, I like! The spiked cuff is a perfect touch! And the detail on the guitar? Love it.

Here's his backstory:

"Chask was one of the original members of The Dark. Studying under his mistress, Malice, Chask has become quite the adept warrior. His skill with his twin vibrodaggers is uncanny. He keeps his fingers nimble by practicing for the upcomming Dark Tour."

-Without Darkness, Light cannot exist-


Member since: 2007
Ontario, Canada