The Tarncrest Children

Continuing the series for Lord Crumb, and following the pictures of his character and that of his wife Asil, here is the request for the three kids!

Joss - The youngest son and middle child. He is skilled in Lightsaber Combat and battle prowess.
Nath - The oldest son. He is skilled in the use of Telekinesis and Healing.
Eliza - The youngest and only daughter. She is skilled in 'Jedi' Mind Trick and Mind-Affecting powers.

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what a fun series mercy :)

it's true that, as individuals, we can't change the world. but if we band together, and lock arms in a line, we can play "red rover, red rover." -nick decamp

Lord Crumb

Thanks again for doing the request Mercy. The colors are great and the kids projected into their teens worked out really well. The kids loved the picture but Eliza wanted to know why Dad and Mom are not in the picture also. What can I say, she's five.

These are the kids with the Force you would not want to mess with.

-LCT :-)

Lord Crumb

Joss will be the one and he won't be allowed to take the lightsber. We perfer the building remain standing. Ha Ha Ha

-LCT :-)


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