elle-keh similon - nautolan sith lord

completed request for ellesimilon ... hope you love it! here is the original request:

Height: 5'10"
Skin Color: Dark Purple
Build: Slim
Face: Elegant and slender, attractive. I would like the eyes to be swirly (a method of nautolan Communication, for any who don't know) But purple rather than the normal green.
Pose: Left shoulder (her PoV) slightly forwards, Floating just above the floor, feet dangling
Clothes, Jewelery, tattoo's:
Lekku: 2 forwards over shoulders, rest down back, over cape. Preferably with some kind of Silver + Ruby Jewelery 1/3 of the way up the lekku over the front
Head: Some kind of Tiara (?) style thing like Arwen has in this picture - http://www.theonering.com/images/medialibrary/2803arwen_ew.jpg
Torso: Black Leather "X" shaped Top coming over shoulders, and going back just below ribcage, crossing just below center of chest.
Back: A black Cape, with Purple Lining.
Belly: slightly muscular, and a small silver bully button piercing
Legs: Thick belt, 'Underwear' style covering of groin, plus open fronted skirt that comes down to just below the knee, all black.
Feet: Strappy stilettos, designed for appearance rather than functionality (she does fly afterall)
Wrists: Elaborate Silver Bracers
Left (forward): A Curved handled Lightsaber (Like Asajj Ventress), held in a relaxed manor, to the side. Red Blade (quite obviously)
Right (back): Light Whip, also held relaxed, draping onto the floor below. Also Red Blade.
Back Ground: Something dark with an ominous purple glow.
I would like the picture to be dark and gloomy, and quite large.
She is called Elle-Keh Similon (yh, i know double barreled is a stereotype) AKA Darth Similon, or Lady Similon. She has mastered force flight, and as such has given up walking. She always looks down on people for 2 reason's, 1) She thinks shes superior, 2) She's Flying. The character is for a Wizards of the coast game.

jer :)


why sssank ya. i am dying to see ur finished twi'lek/mando piece!

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Really cool! Diggin the purple nautolan! Not sure how I missed this one on updates.. Love ya and mad props jer!