swoop bikers

a long overdue request from oslek (sorry for the length of time and thanks for your patience!) of a 6 character lineup of swoop bikers. requester asked that is be left in a black and white sketch. your wish is my command! here was the descriptions the requester gave me (the characters are in the same order from left to right):

Sinya Toquema:

A tough, square-jawed, tomboyish twilek female who takes pride in the number of stereotypes she breaks. Her racing is as brash and abrasive as her personality. She is too belligerent and upfront to be very good at deception or underhanded tactics. Her bike is practical and well-worn. Her most hated rivals are Vexeeda and Awl.

The Amazing Kelvin:

An ageing by-the-book ex-military human male who's view of swoop track life is painfully over-romanticised. He is tall and amiable. His swoop bike is as garish and over-stated as his clothing. Every self-obsessed would-be poster-boy hero needs a dastardly rival, and Kelvin's is Awl.


A skinny, worse-for-wear anthropomorphic droid who's original function is impossible to ascertain. He demeanour is ever so slightly upbeat, without being overtly optimistic. He tends to keep to himself to himself. His Swoop is minimalistic, lacking any flare and completely functional, as one would expect. His only rival is the racer immediately in front and behind of him.

Derby Black:

A Bothan male criminal heavily involved in one of the local swoop gangs. He is flamboyant, irritating, and cavalier. His signature smile is jeering, but he has a sharp intellect. He will cut any corner and break any rule to win. He regards Vexeeda with gleeful contempt, but his true rivalry is with the spot-light stealing Kelvin.


A brutal, violent cathar who is rumoured to have once been a slaver. His bike is decorated with twisted scrap and grizzly trophies. He is motivated by only one thing...defeating his rivals. He holds special contempt for those he sees as second-class beings suitable only as sentient cattle, namely Sparky and Sinya.


An cold, seductively elegant Rodian woman with expensive tastes. Her rivalries change as often as her mood - usually whoever beat or slighted her most recently is top of her list of enemies, but she harbours an old grudge against Derby Black. Her swoop bikes, like her wardrobe, are expensive and frequently change.