My Study of Tusserk

How do you like my version of Tusserk? I'm doing a trade with Tuss, she'll be doing her version of my lovely Zeltron lass in exchange for a drawn picture of Tusserk from me. Let me know your thoughts, okay?



I always thought Tusserk was sweet and innocent...

But your's look onery and up to something...

But great Trandoshan man.

Lord Cygnus

Well, I was going for a look of determination, like he was off to save his friends from certain doom. Perhaps, I should have said something to that effect with my first caption? I can always alter his expression, I suppose.

Let's see what Tuss has to say on the matter. =)

((* BTW: Now I am worried that she won't really like him very much!! :( *))

Lord Cygnus

Okay, I still haven't heard from Tuss yet so I call: "EPIC FAIL" and I've done a second hopefully kinder version. Feedback if you would, please. :(


Definately looks a lot more like Tussy's version of Tusserk. Let Tussy decide which she likes better :)


Aw, dude, no way!! You just got this done in the middle of a very busy weekend, is all. ;) And I'm not like all the cool kids these days with iPhones and 24/7 internet, haha.

But anyway, I've gotta say, the expression on the second image is bang on! That's my Tuss, for sure. Not that the first is 'wrong' by any means... I could see that look on him perhaps early on in our campaign, when he was a bit more gung-ho, and all wrapped up in his secret duties and going behind the squad's back a lot, haha.

It actually reminds me a bit of the piece Casca started some time way way ago- I think 'cause there's a sort of snakelike quality going on, especially with the snout? Which is all part of the coolness of seeing other peoples' takes on your character and on different species. I love it!

(And a little shameful to say I haven't actually started yours yet... but I always get there in the end, I swear!!)