A Collaboration Piece: Asok Yeesrim & K'Ehleyr Wynver, Together At Last!!


Greetings My Fellow SWAG Members, This is both a notice and a request, I wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on a special SWAG project that I am a part of. I am currently working on a collaboration piece together with my fellow SWAG artist, Asok. I'm drawing the characters and he will be doing the coloring and the background. The drawing will feature the extremely high-strung Gran Slicer/Smuggler/Navigator, Asok Yeesrim and the swashbuckling noblewoman rouge-adventurer, Captain K'Ehleyr Wynver. I recently finished the rough drafts of our two heroic characters, as R.R. (Asok) put it: “We should have them fighting side by side, or back-to-back, against an unseen enemy. She holds herself with great poise, calm and collected, as Asok fires his blaster erratically with a look of mild panic or consternation”. I could post what I have, if people are interested and want to see them. Also, now I have a request to all my fellow SWAG Artists out there, Asok once told me that he likes seeing how other people illustrate his character. I would like to make that same appeal to everyone out there now if I could. Here is just a challenge for fun to see what type of results we might get from it and I'd like to see how someone else might render my own character. Here is a link to my drawing of her so that you get the basis on her appearance, outfit, equipment and color scheme. http://swagonline.net/node/6746 The rest is up to you,… have fun! ~Lord Cygnus


Much like you and Asok, I really dig seeing other folks' interpretations of my own characters (or of any in my home game, really!!), and am totally open to the possibility of either collaborating or perhaps doing something of a trade- you draw my character, I'll do yours!

Feel free to throw a PM at me if you want to get some sort of ball rolling, Cygnus.

Lord Cygnus

Okay Tusserk, I'll be it touch. Dredwulf is VERY bad and mayhaps a little awesome also!! >;-D
Mercy and I have been talking about doing our own collaboration sometime down the line together. So I am looking forward to working up different art projects!... it will be even more awesomeness!!


I didn't want to delete this... So I moved it to the BullPen... Collabrative artwork between the artists is always very AWESOME!...