Samuac, the near-Human species from New Kisge


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Request from Jace.Terrik;

"I've been trying to track down images of the near-Human species called "Samuac". They've popped up in the occasional West End Game sourcebook (Secrets of the Sisar Run, Alliance Intelligence Reports...), but so far I haven't found any illustrations for this particular alien species.

So. What I am requesting is fairly straightforward: a picture of a representative of said species.
I'd prefer a generic image, one that could be used to illustrate the people as a whole, not a particular character. Still, feel free to toss in anything you like; Rebel insignias, guns, longing looks into the horizon, it's all good.

I do, however, have a very loosely defined image of the Samuac in my head. Or at least I'd prefer the picture to support the written material regarding the species.

Being an outdoorsy kind of people (I've read about Sisquoc, the only named representative of his kind in the sourcebooks so far), I see them as a fit and lean species, extremely well-versed in survival. Since their language is something called "Samuac Tree Code", I imagine that they live in the forests of New Kisge. This gave me an idea of them having well-developed claws, similar to Wookiee climbing claws, used for climbing and carving said "Tree Code" into tree trunks.
Other similar claw-like protrusions might stick out of aesthetically pleasing places: from bony eyebrow-ridges, from forearms, etc.
While they probably started out as a fairly primitive people, I imagine, that after having begun cooperating with their Rebel friends, nearly all of them have assumed some off-world manners and clothing, even some technology... so I'd appreciate it if they weren't depicted as loincloth-wearing, spear-toting primitives.
Lastly, being a near-Human species, they most definetly are Human-like. Just think of how you create aliens for Star Trek: slap a wrinkled forehead on the the suckers and - PRESTO! You have yourself an alien."

As I still find it easier to do females than males at this point I thought I would start with a female warrior and you can let me know if it's the sort of thing you're looking for, k?
~ Mercy



just a thought Mercy but people who live in trees would they wear shoes? but i love the picture.


Er, good point...
Hadn't thought of that, to be honest. Actually, I seem to have forgotten about the claws too. Ah, figs.


That is looking really dang cool. I have to admit that when I read the title "near-human species" I got turned off, thinking it would be dull and uninteresting. But this depiction is highly imaginative and cool!



Thanks Asok, I just hope the requester likes it as much!
I'm gonna keep playing with this one, cause I don't know what was in the requester's mind when he posted it, but it is quite ambiguous and I can see quite a few different ways of fulfilling it. Anyway, I'm having fun!


Okay, so this new one looked better in my head... Oh well.
I think he kinda looks like a priest or something.


And the more I look at it the less I like it.

He's less 'human-like' more 'humanoid'.
And his feet are too big.
Geh. I'll come back to this one...


Sheesh! Living in different time zones really seems to matter; I only just now got the message for this in my e-mail! :D

Well, first off: thank you Mercy, for accepting my request! You art is awesome and I actually was planning on sending you an e-mail regarding my request, in the hopes that you might consider accepting it!

So, onto the art: Mercy, what I see so far, I like! :D I really like the spikes, the arboreal feel. I get what you mean regarding the male version and the spikes are cooler on the female version, but I still got to say: I like the feet. They're tree-climber feet; very hardy-looking, perfect for scaling huge trees, I bet!

So, I'm supposed to give you feedback on how to proceed, right? Stop me if I'm wrong, it's just I'm giddy from the fact that someone took my request, so I'm not sure what is the correct way to proceed... :P

Okay. Calming down.

So. I love the feet (on the male) and the spikes (on the female), but the tattoos mixed with the spikes (on the female) reminds me a lot of a Zabrak and I'd prefer to make a clear distinction between the species. Other than that, perfect! I like the way the spikes portrude - unobtrusively, mind you - from her brow.

Can I make two suggestions, though?

Suggestion 1.) Since the Samuac are pro-Rebel, I could see them adopting clothing similar to the rugged Rebels, cargo pants - suitably ripped in order to accomodate their awesome, tree-climbing feet*? - and maybe a flight jacket or vest?

Suggestion 2.) Just one other thing: hair. I could go for long, sleek hair, maybe in a practical braid?

Hope this helps. Sorry again for the slow reply; I will check this blog in a timely fashion henceforth.

"When will then be now?"

And if my post is unclear, chalk it to childlike giddiness. I'm going to go lie down now.

* = The feet really are awesome. Maybe tone down the toe-nails, though?


I'll have a play and get back to you - sorry will write more later I'm in a bit of a rush...


I've uploaded another sketch - I'm about half way through it, and put it down to do some work for a mate, not I find I just can't get a handle on it again. Oh well. I think it was moving away from what you had wanted anyway. I thought about labelling it as a warrioress in 'traditional' garb, but I think that's just being weasely...
I'll have another go and re-post.
(I'm running out of paper. poo.)

Lord Crumb

Really taking shape, Mercy. I like the second one you did but now that you've moved on to the fourth one, I can't wait to see it colored.


Cheers, man. I probably won't follow it through though. I've just finished one of a Samuac Scout that seems to fill Jace's request a little more closely.

Jace - you're doing fine with your request. I really appreciate the feedback and I'm still enjoying this one. There are a few artists here who like to just produce their own vision of a request (which is cool 'cause it's not like any of us get paid here, we're doing it for the love of it), but I really like the challenge of getting it as close to how you want it as I can.
That saying, you often have to contend with the fact that you can't really show someone exactly how you see the image in your head. Often, I think it's best if you don't have an exact impression of what you want before you make a request, as it will never happen. Heck, I can't ever get exactly what's in my head onto paper, and I KNOW what I'm thinking!
That's kinda why I liked the request you posted - there was so much room to be creative with it. It wasn't too specific or binding.

But I'm rambling.
I'll load the newest sketch and get onto colouring it up. Let me know what you think!
~ Mercy



Okay. So, as far as I'm concerned, the picture "Samuac Scout" just nailed it. Perfectly. I also totally agree with your comment. I feel that I've almost tried to micro-manage you, and if you felt that way, I want to convey my sincerest apologies.

Chalk it up to the fact that this was my first accepted request. I was just so giddy with excitement, I didn't really formulate my posts with much thought. In the future, I really intend to be a bit less... well, less of a control freak. It won't happen again. :)

So. Are we cool?

Terrik. Jace Terrik.

"When will then be now?"

"(I'm running out of paper. poo.)"
I have a friend whose uncle works at a paper factory. Want me to see what I can do? :D


Nah, you misunderstand Jace - I think the input you've had in this request is just spot on!
You've been suggesting, nudging the piece towards what you had really wanted, and picking out what you liked. That's exactly how I like to work! You haven't been a control-freak at all! Believe me, we do have a few requesters that come through that want everything just so. You're fine dude!
Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression in my ramblings. I just wanted to give you some feedback too, as you seemed so unsure as to how you should progress with your request now that someone had picked it up. Sorry if it sounded preachy...

I think it's sweet you're so excited by this too. It's very encouraging!
~ Mercy


P.S. I am posting from New Zealand so your offer of paper is very kind but a little impractical. Plus I'm kinda picky about what I use. So thank you, but I'm all good. ;-)


Awright. Well, you know. I don't want to give the impression that I don't respect your work. I do. And I don't want to be known as "that-guy-whose-SWAG-requests-you-shouldn't-take". :P

But with that, I bid you goodnight. It's three in the morning here. I'm really looking forward to seeing the completed request... but I just gotta ask: are there any male versions forthcoming?

Yes, I had to ask. :) I'm like a kid in a candy store here!

"When will then be now?"


Three in the morning! Gees, man - get some sleep!
It's coming up for lunchtime here...


Yeah, I'll get onto doing a male version. It's just that, being a girl, I find drawing girls easier. So I'd rather get it right with the female form first, then do the male when I have it sorted. Don't worry, I aint gonna cheat you out of the other half of the request!


Well, your coloured version certainly woke me up! She's looking awesome. Hope those thorns aren't poisonous. :P

I really like the male version, too... but not as much as the girl, but hey, I'm a guy! No, seriously. This thing is progressing so naturally, I can't even think of anything to "suggest".

Good job, Mercy!

I thank you again for accepting my request. The people of New Kisge finally have a face!

"When will then be now?"


Heh heh! Thanks man, I'm glad you like them!
I'll start work on the colouring the male.
(It might be entertaining to know that I have now just woken up myself!)


Well, what can I say? :D

You've completed my request and I'm happy as a clam. You've taken the amorphous concept of the Samuac and turned them into something concrete and tangible. You've captured the concepts that I presented (a lean, fit species living in a forested area that have appropriated non-native clothing and equipment to fit their physiology and needs), but you've also added an ethereal sense to them, something quite becoming for a species of - like Xanamiar said - "tree huggers". Indeed, they have a quality akin to forest nymphs, too, which underscores that they are not Human, but near-Human. And believe you me, they're a lot more interesting because of it.

There is also a feeling of melancholy and foreboding in the artwork.

But they are Samuac: they have the strength to overcome whatever lies ahead.

And you, Mercy, have got talent.

I thank you again for accepting my request - my first ever! - and I hope to see these pictures up on SWAG's "Newest Images", whenever you're ready.

It was, in a word, fun.

"When will then be now?"

The art wasn't half bad, either. ;)
Naw, just kidding.
The art was AWESOME!
I'll give a more detailed rant on the sheer awesomeness of the art at a later time, but for now: it's a Sunday, and I intend to enjoy what's left of it! :)


I have to second Jace's comments on your final work, but I wanted to let you know that the second image (the colored version of the first female draft) has me wanting to make a character just so I can say that's her!

Great work, Mercy.