Nervous Rodian Botanist - WIP


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A request for Scrumtrulescent.

A very quick sketch to start with, to give an idea which direction I'm heading in on this one.

*Update - 11th Jan* Pencils, first pass. Little has changed from the initial design, but the lines have been refined. This is close to being ready for colour I think, so if you want changes Scrumtrulescent, please chime-in soon!

A little detail you may not have noticed in the first sketch - the little flowers on his gardening gloves inspired by Hisham's illustration. If Scrum' lets me get away with it, I intend to paint them the same colour. I was gonna repeat the pattern on his apron, but I thought that would be going too far! :)

*Update - 16th Jan*
No real progress on the Rodian worth showing at the moment, instead, inspired by CCR's latest WIP blog I thought I'd post a rough sketchbook page to show something I'm working on as a little extra.
Ever since my Ithorian Potter (over 4 years ago! :-o ) I've been looking to do more scenes with that same contemplative feel. The idea of a botanical garden on Coruscant just demands to be drawn!
As you'll see on the page, I started with a couple of small scenes of the Rodian working in his favoured location surrounded by plants. These eventually expanded to a design for the arboretum itself with the Courscant skyline visible beyond it's arching glass walls. My thoughts, still in droid-mode after my last request, also turned to designs for small bug-like droids that would water and tend the plants.
If all goes well I want to work this up as a piece alongside the full character design for the Rodian. I'd like to use watercolours again like I did for the potter, but I think digital will be the more sensible option.

*Update - 6th April*
Finally, some progress!



Perfect portrayal, exactly how I imagined it. I'm glad you took it!



Wow...awesome work, Stu. Seeing that arboretum just stirs the creativity in me. I liked this request when I read it and, with your work, I like it even more now!


It's definitely looking really great so far, and I'm glad that so many people seem to be running with the "process book" idea.

It only occurred to me after other people pointed out how useful it could be for other artists, which is funny, because I did for purely selfish reasons; I just like to talk about this stuff lol.


The colors on this are looking great. I really like how the line-work is cleaning up, and the over-all feel is looking really nice.