Gungan Slicer - WIP (Done)


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Kangar, Malaysia

What I'll do is I'll show the progress on the Gungan Slicer that Acheron requested as time goes by here in this blog entry.

Sep 28 2007: Here's the black and white pencils which I came up with using Painter Classic. The form of the figure and the background will probably change some over the course of time. Good grief! I just realized that he looks like a hadrosaur, he does.

Sep 29 2007: I tried to nail down the color combo for the figure, the outfit and the background. Took me a couple of experiments before finally deciding on this. Earlier I thought dark red shoulder guards would look good. I thought wrong. The blaster is now different from the original pencil sketch.

Sept 30 2007: Here is the final artwork to be displayed at this blog. The pencils have been removed and detailing is added into the color blocks. Some lighting effects are also used. Further work will be done in Photoshop.

The final artwork has been uploaded here.



I love this most recent image Hish (the 3rd image) lots of detail going into it and it's looking REALLY good. Keep up the detail work!



This is shaping up really nicely Hish! I love the skin texturing you're adding there, you do the Gungans proud! :)