Theme of the Month August/September

2019 Jul 31

Would love to see some activity!...

So, let's see some inspired works of art.  The theme is Pencil/pen ((looking)) pieces. Any species you like, black and white only.  ((Extra points for realism work))

This is for the fun of it!

Let's see if we can get this site some new faces and maybe bring back some of the old faces!


Hey Xanamiar, Ive redone the Mikkian from Lord Crumbs request as "Nyla eyes her mark" and the "Small Rebel Crew" which is essentially nearly all newly colorized though I still useda few of the old drawings as I liked them. It is almost a 'New piece' especially since i redid the skipper fully, added the window/port and their Transport being loaded outside. Though I understand the small res to maintain server space, A lot of detail I included seems to be fuzzed out. :( oh well. Feel free to post them as basically new pieces if it's within your parameters. Cheers! And thanks for hosting!


I don't host it.  Just still doing admin stuff from time to time. Kris is still responsible for the site being here.  But I've edited the date so that it moves the pictures to the front of the page.