Theme of the Month April/May

2014 Apr 27

Okay...   Tusserk made a great point... so we're going to go with this....


Y'know, I'm more inclined to celebrate the Original Trilogy for May 4th than the prequels...

What if we do away with a profession aspect for the theme this time around, go human/wookiee/ewok as species focus, ship specialty, and then all/any profession that would fit in with scenes we actually see during any of the OT? Maybe we can go back to the roots and remember that once upon a time, being a spaze wizard was actually unheard of. XD



A long time ago...   In a Galaxy Far Far Away ...  Episode IV V and VI is our time period ....    Let's do something special for the 4th of May though.  Force Sensitive children for Episode VII but just on the 4th.


Well, I guess now would be a good time to work on that piece of Jynx in her gunwell I had planned a while back....I might do a second one of her as a rebel ambassador too. Our group's timeline matches up with the original trilogies, so it would be neat to try and get that feel in the pieces. Plus I really miss playing Jynx. I haven't played her in well over a year now, since I took a step away from our group.

I'm excited about these new monthlies.

A wookiee portrait of an NPC character I created for a campaign module might crop up too, and I love Ewoks! Normally I dislike animal and anthromorphs because I have a hard time with them, but they pose a challenge I would like to delve into. So two months, four pieces. Stay tuned!