Temporarily Not Publishing

2008 Jul 20

Well, I've temporarily run out of hard drive space for SWAG. I should be able to fix this issue come Monday, or Tuesday. Just bare with me folks.



Sorry to hear you ran out of hard drives space Eclipse... Out of curiosity, have you set up a paypal account for donations to SWAG?


Another suggestion,

Back in the old Swag days, non-guild members could submit their fan art. I always run into a lot of it when I do a gallery search, and most of it is clearly NOT up to Guild standards. Based on our selection criteria, someone turning in that art as part of their application would not be accepted.

Someone seeking to join now can find those pieces look at them and rightfully say 'My art is better than that...and yet my application to become a member was refused...what the hell?'

Perhaps the council could go through a lot of these older images and vote on whether to keep or to delete. This might also have the benefit of freeing up hard drive space!.

Dred, the non PC realist.

A quick example of what I'm talking about:


I concur, Dred. We could probably do with an overhaul. Problem is that it you guys that would have to take on the worst of it - I job I don't envy you doing...

Any update on this, by the way? I'm about to submit something on the basis that it will eventually get through - is this gonna be a pain in the *donkey* for someone down the line?

~ Mercy


First time back to Swag for some years, and its fantastic to see its all up an running still.
Life has eased off and although Im out of work now I do have quite a bit of free time on my hands.
Ill be looking to edit my gallery and remove some of the crap I put up years ago this will free up some space. As my finances settle Ill donate what I can. Being out of work sucks. But glad I got out of the hell hole ive been in the last 8 years.

A general clean might be one step for some hard drive space. Dont suppose its as easy and sending you another hard drive? I may have one lieing about.