Species & Theme for March/April

2014 Mar 20

The time is here for all to share!  ....  

This time the Species are Mirialan, Miraluka and Space Monkeys ((Including the Kowakian Monkey Lizards))

And in honor of the new Star Wars films, let's put the time period Post ROTJ...   So let your creativity fly with what the "New Republic" and the "New Empire" would be wearing.

And let's go with Brawlers/Teras Kasi and unarmed specialists for the profession.


Note:  You can use one, or all of the above in the image.  So don't feel limited to doing a Mirialan Brawler, do a Jedi if you like.


We have a Mirialin slicer, a Miraluka Mandalorian, a Kaleesh space pirate with a Kowakian Monkey Lizard on his shoulder, and a character proficient in Teras Kasi. And our whole story takes place around 12 ABY. But I don't have the juice in me to draw any of that! T_T


....eeeeheeeheehee free sketch to the first person who can guess what has 98% of my interest here...!!


Hey guys, I'm new here ( as you can probably tell) are there any rules here I need to be aware of when uploading my Drawings, I am interested in this monthly theme and wanted to wip something up.



Basically, if you didn't see it in Star Wars, you won't see it on here.  No nudity, no bloody gore...   That kind of thing.