2014 Mar 19

I was going through the request forum today and noticed that we have quite a few Character and Non Character Requests.  

After all the time I've spent on this site, I know that many of our artists do one or the other, or feel like doing one or the other.  I've made it easier to sort through the requests by splitting our Request Forum into two.

Character Requests Forum

This forum is used for all Characters the ones you play.  ((I left some NPCs in here as well since they are playable races))  This Forum is pretty self explanatory.

Non-Character Request Forum

This forum is for everything else, from tech, to ships to backgrounds and planets, animals and wildlife as well as plants and whatever else goes.


This is a change that will hopefully benefit not just the artists but the requesters as well.  Making things easier to find will always help out when it comes to taking a request.

Once a request is taken, they will go to the same "Taken Requests" Forum that they always have.  This is just to make request finding easier for everyone.


Easier format that before, it looks like. I think I have only ever done one, and that was because it happend to suit something else I was doing at the moment. Kudos to the people that do the requests, but I can't afford to do stuff for free. 


This sometimes makes me feel bad, knowing that I'm not a professional, and I can afford to do things for free (or very cheap) that other artists depend on for their livelihood. 

But then, what am I going to do? NOT art?


You could make a living doing it Asok...   Just have to stick to a price doing commissions.


I make money on the side, but it would never be enough to live off of, I don't think. Maybe if I had gone to school for it, I could do it full-time. Otherwise, I'll invest in my linguistics PhD. Surely that will see me through!! /s


I'm sure it will.. and love having you here to do requests... :)  BTW.. I tweeted your image of the Teras Kasi Masters to Ming Na Wen, and she retweeted it...


You can make money from charging for commissions, but it takes a while to make enough money to live off of. Even I don't make enough on my own to live off of, but I also learned to stop doing work for free because it hurts not only myself, but others in the field. Going to school for an art degree doesn't matter much at all, it's what you do with what you have. After all there are plenty of people who make art and are sucessful at it, who never went to art school, or don't have a degree. 

At least on here it's not a huge secret that the requests for art are done for free, which in a way I suppose is nice.