New updates

2007 Sep 29

So, I've been watching the use of different portions of the site and a few things have come to my attention. First off there doesn't seem to be any good reason to keep community members from accessing the private message system. It seems a perfect way to keep in touch for requests and the like. So I've officially given everyone access to the private message system. Please let me know if this is being abused as that's not the intent.

Secondly, I created some categorization for the blogs. Since we have work in progress blogs now it seemed appropriate for guild members to be able to tag those blogs as such, so I've added that category to the blogging section. If you'll use the categories it'll make finding works in progress much easier to browse. Also, you might consider tagging your past entries to reflect this, but that's up to the individual artists. As the blogs get used more, I'll try to keep an eye out for other useful categories that become apparent. If, as a guild member, you have some different categories that are obvious to you, don't hesitate to PM them to me.