Guild Member Opportunity

2007 Oct 03

One of the great things about being in a community of members like this is that we ALL have more eyeballs looking at us, and occasionally we get invites to participate in something that will bring more eyeballs to a single artist. This is one of those opportunities.

Scott Chitwood who is a staff member at TF.N has extended an invite to any guild member who might wish to donate their talents in return for some recognition. Scott and former Lucasfilm Online director Paul Ens have started a comic company -- Red 5 Comics.

Their new comics have some pages in the back specifically reserved for some pin-up art and they're looking for artists to volunteer their talents for some recognition. It's important to note that while this isn't a paying gig right now, it could eventually lead to paying gigs with them.

If any of you are interested in this opportunity (and I hope you are) you can contact them via this link. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE mention SWAG in your contact with them as this will help get SWAG more of the recognition it deserves. We have lots of fantastically talented artists here, and I hope you all will definitely check this out.