2008 Jun 12

Our host is currently in the process of moving us from one machine to another. Due to this fact I have been advised to stop accepting images for the next 24+ hours. I have turned off blogging and Image Uploading for the duration of that time. When the system comes back online, I expect the blog images to break, so if you notice such a thing, don't be surprised, I'll get in there and fix it shortly.

Thanks for you patience,



Yeah, I've been trying to upload for 3 days now :/
Scientists have discovered an organism that has survived despite the fact that it has not had sex for millions of years. The scientists found the organism at a Star Wars convention


Yeah, we had a small miscommunication, so it may be just a little longer, but it should happen shortly. Sorry, but we'll be back up soon. :-) In Stu's words "Don't Panic!"