New Chat Feature

2014 Jan 29

An age and a day ago, swag had a... flakey-at-best chat applet that I could NEVER get to work. I think that Nafai and ChrisCurtis had removed that particular feature from the site long before it ever came into my keeping, but I always wanted a working one. I've experimented with a lot of chat options in a lot of locations over the years, and while I think there are better overall solutions to be had, the easiest by-far to deploy was freenode's webchat app. With that being said, I spend all day every day in IRC and would LOVE to have some swag-company from time to time while I do it, so I added the chat application from freenode to a new tiny section of the site. Come join me and Xanamiar, we're hanging out almost all day every day: Come chat with us.



Just so you guy's know.  When you come in and talk to Eclipse or myself, if you use our names it makes a noise so that we know someone else is in the room.  Feel free to say our names so we know someone else has joined.  


Sorry I missed you Seghast, I just went to bed before you came in.


Yeah, I literally join at about 8am Central US and stay on for a good 12-16 hours. Hope to see some of you.