The Home Page

2013 Nov 04

Some time ago, I reorganized the home page and I wanted to go ahead and direct everyone to some neat features that Eclipse has made sure we have.

If you scroll down past the new pictures, you'll see the featured on the left, and The News on the right.  (where this is)

But if you continue to scroll down, you'll see "New Blogs"  these blogs are actually a very nice part of the site.  They have been used to show off some very talented work that may or may not ever make it to new content.  Sometimes this work isn't even Star Wars related, but it's always nice to see a WIP.  Check these blogs often, they really do make a HUGE impact on the site. 

After the Blogs you'll find the past Featured images.  Always a nice blast from the past to go through these, and see some of the best works that come through the site.

If you have any ideas for the site, please let us know.  This site is for all the Star Wars art fans, and Artists.  We do what we can to make your experience the best it can be.