Featured Gallery and Other Improvements

2021 Jan 24

I recreated the Featured Gallery this weekend. This is a feature that I've always really enjoyed, and while it's not currently displaying any images on the front page, there is at least a link to see the historically featured images. I'll be looking to see if there's a good way to integrate featured images into the front page better in the weeks to come, but for the time being, I'm happy just having a dedicated space for it.

Search Improvements:

I always meant for search to be a thing. We've had it on and off in one form or another for years. I've taken an initially pass at styling it. Images and Blogs will show thumbnails with their results. I've also tried to make searching for particular kinds of content easier with the types of content being limit-able. I've had a lot of fun just finding old images I've forgotten about (or never seen in the first place).

Missing Images:

There are a number of images that seem to be missing. My backups have not always been perfect. That being said, I've managed to resurrect some. If you find missing images, please bring them to my attention. I'm trying to reconstitute as much as I can.