Edit Mode and More

2007 Sep 07

Well, I finally have the edit mode available, so for those of you wishing to prune your galleries, some, just send me a private message... oh yeah! Private messages! For those of you who've not noticed yet, I've included a private message feature for guild members.

You will find a "My inbox" in the navigation area after you log in now. This will allow you to create and send (and receive) messages from one guild member to another. If you're not sure what that guild member's username is, you may need to go looking through the galleries to find the person you want (I'd suggest the sorted guild member galleries under the "Galleries" section) but the "to" field will auto-complete for you, so if you wanted to send to me you could just type in "Ecl" and the system would go get everyone with "ecl" in their name. I'm just plain old "Eclipse"... Eclipse2 is a test account, don't send it stuff :-D

Ahh, also, my blog is being relegated to the realm of normal blogginess like everyone else. This is the new News section and for anything news related, I will use it from this point forward. I think we can all tell that things are coming along well, and I for one am really stoked about the progress. I hope the rest of you are as well. We should see SWAG back up and running soon.