The community chips in!

2013 Jun 10

The reawakening of the community gallery has been long in coming, but the newest version of swag makes it a possibility, and Xeterzun has become the first Community member to submit new art under this system. I'm very happy to see this actually starting to get used. Everyone go congratulate Xeterzun on his submission.

For those of you following via twitter, you may have noticed that the tweet happened before the image was approved. I'll see what I can do about this in the coming days and see if we can't manage to facilitate a different solution for that. For those of you who missed the fact that we have a twitter accout, I'll direct you here. I'm working on a facebook page for these updates as well in the near future, I'm sort of disappointed that that isn't already working, but such is life. We will get there in time.