Young Mandalorian

This is a picture of a young Mandalorian Bounty Hunter in my current RPG. Her father was killed by Lentaro
when she was a baby, and she was raised primarily by her uncle in the Mandalorian way. Now she is seeking out the aged Jedi...

The model used for this picture (as some of you MAY recognize) is none other than miss Erica Ellyson, Penthouse Pet of the Year 2008.

She came to my house and modeled for me as a personal favour. :)

What can I say?* lol.

*If this were true my wife would be SO pissed!

Lord Crumb

I do not think that I shall ever see,
Anything as pretty as a female Mandalorian,
Even when she puts the blaster to my head.
How could I have known,
That something that pretty was so Deadly.

It's a Kewl pic Dred.



Thanks fellas. Sig has been added.

I must say though, I never intended it to be viewed at greater than 1:1 scale. This is showing up as a huge image. All the little flaws are visible that I didn't think would be noticed.


You are to hypocritical of your work dred...I don't see any flaws... so don't worry about them.. she looks GREAT.. love the freckles.


I think you mean "hypercritical"... I don't see Dred as being a hypocritical sort of guy! lol

Great work Dred!



Those are freckles. They exist on the model in question, which is one of the things that made it really work for me too. It characterizes her as somehow...young and naive. (As young and naive as you can be after growing up Mandalorian under your hard-as-durasteel uncle.)

Hopefully I'll get around to doing an image of her uncle Tyco Ziil soon. I want to use someone like an elderly grizzled Kurt Russel for the model. Kind of like how he appeared in Deathproof.


Is SWAG automatically enlarging images to fit the page? I'm not sure this is a good thing, I think the image should remain the size the artist intended (unless it's too big of course). Scaling-up images can distort the quality of the original.

Having said that, this still looks great Dred! :)


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