Of Wolf and Man

And now for a little self-indulgent sketching featuring Jak and Lokhin, with some textures and stuff slapped on top.

Not a completely accurate representation of things currently in-game, since Lokhin is still very much stuck looking like a monster, but at least they're making some solid headway into getting him fixed. They've also made some solid progress in the feelings-admitting department.


"Aint nothin' wrong with lookin' like a monster" - Captain Asha.

Seriously though, Tuss, this is beautiful. I don't know why you say you can't do human faces well. The doctor looks great here.


Well.... it's really not so much the 'looking like' part that's the trouble, it's the... lessened mental abilities that comes with it. The occassional desire to kill and eat people. :( And the lack of manual dexterity isn't brilliant either... he sure isn't going to be doing any brain surgery until he's fixed!

(Also thank you! Human faces is still scary as heck... but I'm definitely getting more familiar with the Doc, if nothing else...)


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