White Raven

This is the YT-1930 'White Raven'. Owned and modified by the infamous smuggler Tserrekk Tox the ship has an Evader GT Ion Drive making it very fast. The Hyperdrive can match the famous Millenium Falcon's one and weaponry consists of two missile launchers located in the front wedges, two quadlaser turrets and a retracable blaster cannon complete tha armoury. Some colourful spots, caused by replacement parts and some hit marks on the hull suggest that the ship has seen some battle in the past.

This image was done as request for [ShadowWalker].

[url=/view.php?photo_id=2598]Rear view[/url]

Original Request Thread

Medium: iPhotoPlus, Cinema4D

Ianba Wisyd

I LOVE IT .This ship is sooo cool.I had one in my game although it was more highly modified(thicker hull plating,refridgerated section in hold,fixed forward facing blasters,Droid brain installed as co-pilot(turned out better than me)Proton torpedoes for and aft).My current character will be getting one too. And this piccy is great.I wish i knew how to use a computer this well.


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