Underwater Terrain Armoured Transport

Been wanting to do a decent, (well, decent IMHO) version of an underwater AT-AT. I've never liked the 'Swimmer', for a start, it's hardly all-terrain, and it's go no legs, making it a basic submarine. Phlllbbbbb to that.

Anyhoo, basic changes to the standard AT-AT:

Much larger footpads to compensate for more variable terrain.

Fully enclosed command pod, requiring it's being afixed directly to the 'torso'. This is thanks to the way the troop section is usually flooded.

Four high-power hydro-jets allow the UT-AT to make extended jumps, vastly increasing it's top speed.

Redesigned main section, allowing a slightly wider body fitting in the larger water-tight doors for the troops.

Air venting systems have been removed, along with the external cable mounts.


Oh, the background is a generic underwater image, I have no idea where I picked it up, but it's been in my box for years and got a thorough working over before being popped in.

Medium: Digital. Full version and more at TORIS