Tusserk Achilles redux

wanted to put a wee bit more thought into doing this. Spent a lot of time looking through tuss's gallery for references. Hope this one is a bit closer Tuss.


I agree. the light effects/shadows and that reflection on the floor are great.

But the character as a whole looks great. Really nice work Casca.


Dude this is aaaaaaawesome!! I think you've done a damned good job merging the realism/more traditional Trandoshan aesthetic with Tusserk's look... and I'm not convinced the poor bugger is every actually going to learn how to smile. Very nice work with the lighting/colours as well. My dear little Tuss... what can I do for you in return??


ummmm. I have been having a bit of an issue drawing a Duros scoundrel named Huuladan. He is blue with red eyes and wears a long overcoat...kinda shifty looking...lol



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