Tatooine base

I dug up an old marker rendering I did about 10 years ago for a portfolio. I think this piece was inspired by Dune, but it would work well for a setting on Tatooine.

Lord Crumb

I don't know what's wrong but the picture will not come up on the main gallery page or when I clicked on it.

I get a rectagular box with a small white box and red x in it.

Kia kaha


Thanks for the complements, peeps!

Hmmm... wonder whats going on with the file? I also couldn't see it last night when using my PS3 browser, but on my computer its fine. Its also not pixelated on my screen.

Dred - you wouldn't have seen it because I never show off the original. Even now I cringe at my poor handling of the sand dunes. I just happened to find it in a portfolio book with some of my newer work, and thought it'd be suited for SWAG/RPG use.

Tusserk - sorry, it's just a one-off landscape, I don't have any other images kicking around like it.


Hey, this has come right now!
Sorry - it was looking odd before. Looks awesome now!!


What you see as poor handling of sand dunes, I see as a brilliant new kind of landscape! I love the look and feel of this!



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