Ssi'ruuvi Fw'sen Decks 1-6

This is a stock standard Fw'sen class, part of a private request.

This puppy was a serious pain in the neck, and also quite interesting.
The ship is built for diminutive raptor-like P'w'ecks, and I tried to
bear that in mind for the interior. The beds are round pads, there's
some heat rooms for their lizardy ways, the kitchen's a little more
geared for carnivores and the hygiene facilities consist mainly of a
hot sand blaster.

Aside from that the ship's unutterably awkward curved hull made things
awfully tricky, as was trying to figure out exactly what is IN the
darn thing, roughly twice the area of a corvette for a ship with
thirteen crew.

I reckon it turned out OK. Decks 7-12

Medium: Digital

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