A Ssi Ruuvi V'sett Starfighter

I've been enamored with the V'sett since first reading about it.

For those of you who don't know what it is, here’s a little info:

They show up late in the NJO series of books, and then are the first starfighter we see the Ssi Ruuk use that is not a droid fighter. They use these ships anywhere that is considered their own territory because they aren't afraid to die in those places. Because of this they use the V'sett (which is much stronger than the typical Ssi Ruuvi droid starfighter)

I spent a great deal of time researching these as best as I could. There don't seem to be any images of them anywhere, so i took it upon myself to take this ship from concept to creation. All in all I'm rather happy with it.

The ship is equipped with some sort of Ssi Ruuvi blaster technology for it's main weapons and then they also have a tractor beam as well (there was actually some discrepency on this... I wasn't sure from my reading whether the droid fighters had them or the V'setts, I assumed the larger of the two ships would be the one equipped with it).

Gimme some feedback folks, let me know what ya think.


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