Shistavanen Slicer

Just a random bit of character design! A Shistavanen slicer, who I tried to give the look of being a kind of old, grizzled, cynical individual.


You know I was never all that big on Shistavanen, but the way you draw them....I think I'm kind of falling in love with them.

Excellent work as always, Tusserk.

Ghulshh Navess138

While your artwork skills are immaculate, I don't really feel it captures the essence of the shistavanen. It feels more "anthropomorphic" wolf rather than wolfman.

Shistavanen were styled after the original wolfman movie in the 1940s, but if you check out this figure of the 2010 wolfman, you can get some really nice insight on how AWESOME they can look if you keep to that style. Funny thing is the pic I'm about to link has the figure in clothes that makes him look like han solo haha.


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