Rainy day

I was just messing around in Painter 'cause the weather was bad and this is what I ended up with.


Whoa! I must admit, this caught me off-guard! There hasn't been much activity lately, and then... BAM! Looks amazing, very Kamino-esque.



I'm at a loss for words on this one. You've got several elements going on - the sunrise or sunset gleaming off the large promenade frame. The rain and it pelting off the starship hull. The dark rainclouds, grey and bleak in the distance. Yet the ship is elegant and majestic. Is it arriving or departing?

And what of those observers watching in the foreground? Seeing someone off? Waiting for their flight? Or awaiting someone's arrival? Or just simply admiring the view?

I like the obscured partial cityscape or that of a starport. It could be a setting almost anywheres - Calamari or Kamino, a Cloud City like those on Bespin. Maybe a heavily fog shrouded misty Coruscant day or some city & starport atop a high mountaintop plateau.

Despite all this, its very picturesque and serene. I love it.

Core to the Quad baby!!!