Lord Crumb

AWESOME! I like the characters you chose, the colors, and everything in general.

Great Job Dred.

-LC :-)


I think that's a Trando. They all appear to have a potential draw towards the dark side. But maybe that's just me.


These are player characters in my new campaign. They form part of a 'Padawan Pack' during the clone wars, when there wasn't enough masters to train the 'orphaned' jedi apprentices.

A Defel, an atypical chiss, and a Drazi. (Babylon 5 import).

I have another picture coming of the other player characters. Was going to be 3 and 3....but one of the other characters was recently killed by battle there will be only two.


Batty, their potential for turning to the dark side...well, that's in the players' hands. Defels look particularly scary, but that's in their physiology. We mustn't be prejudiced.


Incidently....the Defel has turned to the darkside. The Chiss is dead, and the Drazi is still working on passing his Jedi Trials.


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