More than a fossil

Once, Wald Vokula was a famous Rodian theatre actor. But after the rise of the Empire, he lost everything, became blind and has to live in the Undercity of Coruscant.

He's also a minor NPC. Kind of the old wise and morally mentor.

pencil, fineliner, GIMP 2, MS Paint

Lord Cygnus

Conquistador, such a very sad story for poor Wald Vokula, but sounds like a chance for a brighter and happier future as a NPC mentor for the player characters in your RPG.


What a great character concept & design - I think the line work on the head & face is really well done in particular.


The character persona sounds great. Betcha he has many tales that you can listen to for a drink or two at the local cantina!

I like the style too. Unique, distinctive, graphically strong.