Mon Cal Smuggler

"Being Normal is the key. Not being noticed is far more useful than a big blaster. "   -  Lan Yak


So you CAN crank them out when you want to! ;)

Seriously, though, this is superb; I love it! I love the noble look.


Using this style I once wrote, penciled, penned and colored a 5 page 37 panel comic short for my friend who owns the local comic/ gaming shop. Did it while watching Highlander. ( I would say the first one, but there are no others). Started and finished before it was over. I can do speed. But....Ooo shiney.

Lord Crumb

He can get you a shipment of Deathsticks for the right price.  Hey, he is a business being and appears honest.  Good job.

Lord Cygnus

Oh btw: I have a few things I needed shipped and you just can not trust the Postal, FedEx or UPS Services anymore!


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